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Serving the end-to-end needs of the Hemp industry.

We provide seeds, clones, and processing equipment to meet the growing needs of the hemp industry. High quality genetic selection is our way of growing.
Whether you're just starting your grow operation (we consult), you're planting a new crop (we do seed), or looking for a new strain (we keep a clone library).
Feminized Seed
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High quality genetics; superior yields.

Trump S1 Seeds

Check out of latest premium Trump S1 strain of hemp seeds.

Genetic Selection
Apex Genetics

Premiere genes mean premium yields.

Clone Selection

Select from our collection of premiere hemp genetic characteristics.

Grow Op Consulting

Design, build, harvest; plan your future with us.


We operate multiple indoor and outdoor grows. Consult with us on your new grow operation!

Hemp Seed

Purchase feminized hemp seed. We deal in quality genetics.
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Quality Seed Strains:

See our current seed lines.
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Trump S1

The strongest producer in our field test last year. The mother/father we chose for production of female seeds field tested at 17%+ CBD, finished in less than 7 weeks, was resistant to pest and disease, and yielded heavy amounts of biomass on their strong stout plants.

CBD %: 17
Biomass: Heavy
Time to Completion: 7 Weeks


High producer of CBD.


Resistance to pest & disease.

Fast Growing

Excelled in growth rate.

Our line of seeds represents an average of these results. While there is slight variance between plants, they will all generally represent the qualities we selected for.

More details about seed strain.

Certificate of Analysis

Quality Value
CBD % 17%
Pest Resistance Yes
Biomass heavy
Germination Rate 100%
1 - 5000
  • Germination rate: 99%
  • Female rate: 99%
  • Time: x months
per seed
5000 - 10,000
  • Germination rate: 99%
  • Female rate: 99%
  • Time: x months
per seed
10,000 - 100,000
  • Germination rate: 99%
  • Female rate: 99%
  • Time: x months
per seed
100,000 +
  • Germination rate: 99%
  • Female rate: 99%
  • Time: x months
special pricing available

Notes about growing.

insider knowledge from the growers.

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Why use up the forests which
were centuries in the making
and the mines which
required ages to lay down,
if we can get the equivalent of
forest and mineral products
in the annual growth of
the hemp fields?.
Henry Ford

Ongoing Strain Research

gene selecting for mythological plants.
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Hemp is one of the greatest,
most important substances of our nation.
Thomas Jefferson


Indoor and outdoor operations in the denver area.


Multi facility farming operations.
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Indoor Farming

Our indoor grow facilities allow us to offer you clones and seeds of high quality genetics, year-round. We grow from a warehouse in Denver and multiple greenhouse locations.

Outdoor Farming

The colorado grow season is perfect for Hemp. We run annual crops east of Denver. Keep in touch with us for which strains are being planted each crop season.

Hemp is of first necessity
to the wealth and protection
of the country.
-Thomas Jefferson
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Valhalla Pharms

Valhalla Pharms covers all stages of the Hemp cultivation process. Through our genetic selection process we're able to offer you the best genetic quality in the industry. Through multi-industry collaboration we are also custom engineering the
Processing equipment to ease the stages after harvest. Combining industry knowledge; we've integrated patents from the sugar industry into the hemp industry. We want to lay the infrastructure for the cultivation needs of our country.


Processing equipment made in house.
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Collaborative Effort

In cooperation with Silver Weibul and Rex Machining we're design-building hemp processing equipment to serve the growing harvest needs of the country and world. With decades of proven effective use in the sugar industry; we're modeling our designs after what works.

Hemp Farming

Process Equipment


co-creation of industry infrastructure

We're developing post-harvest process equipment. We do in-house design and build of all of our machines. Combined with our experience in hemp farming we're seeking to bring new innovation into the industry. Our goal is to continue to provide consulting services, and practical solutions for those who want to improve the productivity and quality of their production facilities or optimize their energy and raw material consumption. We offer assistance with the planning of new production facilities.


Stay tuned for more info about our disintegrator.

Centrifugal Separator

More info about centrifugal separator to come.

Hemp Mill

More info about hemp mill to come.

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